Sunday, September 13, 2009

Greys Anatomy Cast News

Pregnant Ellen Pompeo feels betrayed by her husband Chris Ivery, when she finds out after they found she was pregnant with there soon to be daughter he was reported cheating with a Hostess from Boston.

Apparently the "fling" has not been just a one time thing, but a recurring one. Reports even say they had there own pregnancy scare. The woman was identified as Rachel Artz, a 19 year old blonde.

Hopefully they can work out there troubles before the baby is due. But remember hunny, once a cheater always a cheater!

And for Katherine Heigl, her and her husband are going to be adopting a 10 month old baby girl from Korea, adoption should be final at the end of the week. Babys name is going to be Naleigh. She will be taking off a little time  from Greys Anatomy  for the making of her new film "Life as we Know It".

Congratultions Katherine and Josh!!

Greys Anatomy will air for its season premier September 24, 2009.
We will be without on of our beloved cast members, George. However, you will see scenes of him in the first episode, and it is reported that h is a organ donor, so the loved doctors will have chances to save others lives with his organs. Also, MerDer are going to get closer this season, as well as Christina and Owen. However like always they all will have twist and turns as they try to find there way in eachothers hearts.  Ellen and Katherine will both have some time off this season.