Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whats Juicy Today??


Last years movie "Sex in the City" left all of us fans on the edge of our seats. We followed these 4 wonderful, crazy, amazing women through the long series made famous on HBO. The movie was full of jaw dropping scenes like Carrie getting stood up, to the hot steamy sex scenes. Then of course the " on the floor rolling" shots of Charlotte not making it to the bathroom!!! Well It ended on a very happy note, but we all wished it wasn't over! Is our lucky day becuase the sequil is comming our way and we have the latest spoilers!!

--Release Date: May 28, 2010. Just in time to kick off the summer.--There's some sort of 80s flashback scene. Stylist Patricia Field must be having a ball. Photos of Kim Cattrall (Samanatha) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) have surfaced of the twosome looking kind of fearsome. Cattrall was sporting a big frizzed out punky do', skin tight leopard print jeans, a denim vest, and red-hot ankle boots. (Funny, we'd probably wear that outfit, today). And Carrie's been spotted looking rather Flashdancey, with an off-the-shoulder top and a curly fro. She also apparently went through a Madonna circa-Desperately Seeking Susan phase (tutu, tights, black rubber bracelets, all present and accounted for). Charlotte is, of course, tried-and-true preppy, with the sweater over the shoulders.--Love and Marriage... For Stanford? Carrie's gay BFF Stanford (Willie Garson) may be the next one at the altar. And he's marrying another favorite of the ladies, Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone), the event planner who helped Charlotte pick out her wedding dress. The rumored performer is none other than Liza Minelli. (Of course!) --Big having money trubs? One of the rumored plot lines is that the Carrie-Big union is having trouble, but this time it's due to money, not love. The businessman's money problems threaten Carrie's ability to buy an endless supply of Manolos (Does anyone know what he actually does?). He moves to London where he lives in a one bedroom apartment. --Carrie's Preggers? In the midst of the money crisis, Carrie might also be pregnant. Will she be able to carry a baby wearing those six-inch stilettos? --Exotic Locales Reports are bubbling that some scenes will be shot in the Mediterranean, specifically Morocco, where it is reported that Big will be trying to recoup his busted finances. --Samantha is menopausal? Will Samantha's insatiable sexual appetite be slowed by the "change"? One report has her discussing with an assistant, a "testosterone run" to the pharmacy. (Ladies in the midst of menopause frequently turn to the hormone for relief for hot flashes and to heat up their waning sex drive.) --Harry's a cheater? Say It Ain't So. Harry keeps disappearing, leading Charlotte to suspect that he's cheating; but, the big surprise is that he's actually been seeing a contractor to build Charlotte her dream princess palace. We love Harry. --Miranda Switches Careers? The tough-nosed legal eagle Miranda might be dumping her high-powered career for a shared dream with Steve: opening a pizza parlor. First, a baby, then Brooklyn, now pizza pies. Miranda, my how you've changed! --New Faces. Reports of English actor Max Ryan joining the cast have fueled whispers that Samantha is going to get a new lover. His character is a European architect named Rikard. Intriguing. In addition to Liza, it's been reported that Miley Cyrus will have a cameo.

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Hills no more??


The crazy couple we all love to hate was spotted yesterday in Pacific Palisades, CA in a local cafe catching a fast bite to eat.

There was talk about possible plans moving from there present home made famous on there hit show " The Hills". Posible choices may be the $5,350,000 Ranch in Carpinteria, Spencer was found holding.

New episodes of " The Hills" will be aired starting September 29, 2009 on MTV!

No Charges brought in Tequila Case

No Charges were filed for Shawne Merriman in the case brought against him by his ex- girlfriend Tila Tequila.
San Diego District Att. stated that there was not enough evidence to with out a doubt actually beat her September 6, 2009. Case was closed!

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